Diamond Best Foods Introduces Innovative Jumbo Shell Pasta

Colombo, Tuesday 17th April 2022: Nothing brings people together like food does. And when you want to give your family “the best” meals in town that are healthy, easy to make and cost effective, look no further than a range of products on offer from Diamond Best Foods (DBF). Backed by more than six decades of expertise in feeding the nation, DBF has been at the forefront of offering innovative products that make every meal a gourmet one. The latest introduction to the extensive range of kitchen essentials is DBF’s Roza Jumbo Shells Pasta.

Commenting on the launch of the product Mohamed Ali Fahmi of DBF said, “Roza is a proud 100% locally produced Pasta range that have won the hearts of households island wide. Traditionally a staple food in Italy, Roza’s pasta range is manufactured in Sri Lanka to the same international standards and traditional recipes. This is the first time that this particular variety of Jumbo Shells Pasta is being introduced to the Sri Lankan market and we hope our loyal customers will embrace it as much as they love our other products and create hearty meals for their family and friends”.

The process of manufacturing Jumbo Shells Pasta is a unique one that requires meticulous and detailed methods that including tempering and drying. This is how the unique shape of the pasta is maintained. Jumbo Shell Pasta gives the consumer the opportunity to make a plethora of different dishes from home cooked meals, to fancy finger foods for entertaining. Some of the most renowned chefs in the world use Jumbo Shell Pasta to create gourmet dishes featured at Michelin star restaurants as well. Sri Lankans are used to making dough out of Wheat Flour and the Jumbo Shell Pasta allows consumers to use it as a dough even for snacks that we love.

The new Jumbo Shell Pasta will be available at all supermarket chains, online grocery platforms and larger groceries around the island. The Roza Pasta range is affordable and is used as a great supplement to Rice and Noodles by many.

“DBF has always had innovation at the forefront of our product development. We use our years of expertise coupled with the newest techniques in food manufacturing to create the highest quality products”, Fahmi added.

The DBF product line has grown rapidly over the years to include Canned Tuna, Oats, Milk Powder, 3-in -1 Tea Mix, Café Mix, Basmathi Rice and even Condensed Milk. The products are widely available and has a loyal following island wide.

For more information on the DBF product line call 0112 939933 or visit www.dbf.lk